August 22, 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Elevate The Adventure with Riderbag Sling Bags: Where Safety and Style Converge

reflective sling bag for riding, walking, or traveling

Miami - Riderbag, the innovative force behind reflective and functional gear for riders, is ecstatic to unveil its game-changing product: the Riderbag Sling Bags (Crossbody Bags). These cutting-edge sling bags are not just about style and convenience; they put safety at the forefront of your journeys, be it on two wheels or two feet.


In a world where safety is paramount, Riderbag Sling Bags emerge as the ultimate solution to nighttime visibility and pedestrian/bicyclist safety. As the days grow shorter and fall sets in, the importance of being seen cannot be overstated. Pedestrian and cyclist fatalities are on the rise, and Riderbag is committed to addressing this concern head-on.

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Reflective Brilliance: Your Shield in the Dark

Fall's reduced daylight hours and unpredictable storms amplify the need for visibility. Riderbag Sling Bags incorporate advanced reflective technology that ensures you stand out, both day and night. Our bags are not just accessories; they are a beacon of safety. As pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, it's our collective responsibility to enhance nighttime visibility, and Riderbag Sling Bags make that a reality.

A Federal Highway Administration-Endorsed Solution

Safety experts recognize the significance of nighttime visibility, and so does the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Their recent inclusion of nighttime visibility in the Every Day Counts Round 7 (EDC-7) Innovations underlines its importance. Nighttime visibility is a driving force behind reducing crash fatalities. Riderbag Sling Bags align perfectly with this initiative, promoting enhanced visibility at corridors, intersections, and pedestrian crossings. We're not just offering bags; we're offering a safety-conscious lifestyle.

reflective motorcycle sling bag crossbody bag for riders

Safety is a Shared Responsibility

The roads are a shared space where everyone plays a role in safety. Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians all contribute to creating a secure environment. Riderbag Sling Bags empower you to be part of this safety movement:

Drivers: Always maintain safe speeds, and remain cautious in challenging conditions. Slow down near crosswalks and intersections. Remember, pedestrians and cyclists are part of the road ecosystem.

Cyclists: Obey traffic rules diligently. Equip yourself with reflective clothing and be mindful of other road users. Ride defensively and anticipate potential hazards.

Pedestrians: Cross streets at designated crosswalks and intersections. Make eye contact with drivers, especially at night. Wearing reflective clothing significantly boosts your visibility.

bike bag sling bag for biking, walking, or traveling.

Your Safety is Our Priority

At Riderbag, safety isn't just a feature; it's the foundation of our products. With Riderbag Sling Bags, we bridge the gap between style and safety, offering a solution that benefits riders, walkers, and travelers alike. Join us in creating safer streets, protecting lives, and embracing the thrill of adventure.

To explore the Riderbag Sling Bags collection and become part of the safety movement, visit our website at Together, let's illuminate the path to a safer future.

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