Motorcycle Backpack and Spine Protector Combo

Motorcycle Backpack & Spine Protector Combo

Bikers love our commuter backpack. Not only is it stylish and high-vis for night riding, but it also includes an underside pocket allowing for the addition of a spine protector.
So many of our customers were purchasing a backpack and a spine protector separately that we decided to offer both as a combo!

  • Easier and more convenient to buy, and more all-inclusive, our bundled reflective backpack and back protector combo with included spine protector makes for the perfect road companion.
  • When you purchase our reflective backpack and spine protector together, you get additional benefits you don’t get when buying a backpack and spine protector insert sold separately.

Benefits of Our Motorcycle Backpack Combo

Looking for a stylish, functional motorcycle backpack and protector?

Our motorcycle spine protector backpack combo gives you access to any one of our backpacks in your choice of color, plus our spine protector. Benefits of this combination include:
  • CE2-rated: so you know it will get the job done, and done well.
  • Wider Spine Protector: Yellow Spine protector included in our combo is wider than the green one sold separately from backpacks for added protection and comfort
  • Great for Gifting: This bundled backpack and spine protector combo makes giving a meaningful gift to the rider in your life quick and easy.
  • Life-Saving Protection: Lynn J, one of our customers credits our spine protector for saving her son’s life: “I bought this for my son, who rides his Bike to work in North Carolina. He was hit by another bike, knocked off his bike, and hit really hard. The ER doc said this spine protector and the helmet saved his life! He walked away with just a fractured clavicle. I'm so grateful I purchased this. Thank you to Infinite and beyond for saving my son!!!!

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