Riderbag Motorcycle Backpack Combo Hi Vis Orange 35L + Ce level 2 back protector

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Introducing the Riderbag Motorcycle Backpack Combo Hi Vis Green 35L + ce level 2 back protector – a fusion of innovation, safety, and style tailored for the modern rider. Crafted by Riderbag, this backpack combo sets a new standard for convenience and protection on the road.


High Visibility and Reflective Excellence

Riderbag understands the importance of visibility, especially during low-light conditions. The Hi Vis Green exterior of this backpack ensures you remain highly visible to other motorists, enhancing your safety on every ride. The entire backpack is adorned with reflective elements that catch light from various angles, making you easily noticeable at night. Whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a night ride, your presence will be unmistakably evident.


Ample Space and Intelligent Design

With a spacious 35L capacity, this backpack provides ample room to stow your essentials. Its thoughtfully designed compartments offer organized storage for your gear, gadgets, and personal items. The ergonomic layout ensures easy access to your belongings while on the move. A chest strap and waist strap provide a secure fit, preventing any unnecessary shifting during your ride.


Comprehensive Spine Protection

Safety is paramount, which is why the Riderbag Motorcycle Backpack Combo includes a Universal CE Level 2 Spine Protector (Usually sold separately). This advanced protector is designed to safeguard your spine in case of unexpected impacts. Measuring 10.62" W x 14.96" H x 0.75" Thick (Inches), it seamlessly integrates into the backpack. Engineered to be contoured and adaptive, it ensures a comfortable fit while providing optimal protection for your back.


Testimonials from the Rider Community

Riders who have experienced the Riderbag Motorcycle Backpack Combo Hi Vis Green 35L + Spine Protector have been full of praise. One mom raves in her testimonial: “Dont contemplate this purchase, it can save your life! I bought this for my son, who rides his Bike to work in North Carolina. He was hit by another bike, knocked off his bike, and hit really hard. The ER doc said this spine protector and the helmet saved his life! He walked away with just a fractured clavicle. I'm so grateful I purchased this. Thank you to Infinite and beyond for saving my son!!!!”


In conclusion, the Riderbag Motorcycle Backpack Combo Hi Vis Green 35L + Spine Protector is a remarkable innovation tailored for the modern rider's needs. With its high visibility, ample storage, and integrated spine protector, it offers a comprehensive solution for safety, convenience, and style. No matter what you ride, embrace the future of riding gear with Riderbag – where innovation meets the open road.


Riderbag Reflektor35 Features:

  • Hi-Visibility Day
  • Fully Reflective Night (Retroreflective)
  • Emergency whistle
  • Water-Resistant (FREE Hi-Vis Waterproof cover included)
  • Spacious (35L backpack)
  • The laptop compartment fits a computer with a screen of up to 16" 
  • The underneath pocket allows you to add a back protector (Not Included)
  • Extra padding for added comfort and less sweating
  • Free Helmet Net that attaches to the backpack (Included)
  • Zipper with large zip pulls to use with gloves
  • Free Paracord Survival Keychain (Included)

Ce Level 2 Back Protector Features :

  • CE-2 level protection (Certified)
  • Improves performance against impact and abrasions
  • Lightweight, flexible, and comfortable
  • Contoured for an anatomical and adaptive fit
  • The spine protector measures 10.62" W x 14.96" H x 0.75" Thick (Inches)
  • Fits perfectly in your RiderBag Reflektor35 or motorcycle jacket!


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Q: What does the bag include?

A: All of the Riderbag Reflektor35's come with (3) items. A Helmet net that attaches to the backpack, a High Visibility waterproof cover, and a Paracord survival keychain. Plue so many amazing features!

Q: How much does the bag weigh?

A: The empty bag weighs 1.09 lb or 0.49 kg. It is very lightweight!

Q: Does it have a laptop compartment? If yes, is it near the shoulder straps or the front?

A: Yes, it has a laptop sleeve inside the main compartment, with a retaining strap secured by Velcro. The pouch is located 'against' your back, but there are 2 vertical back-pads on the outside of the backpack along that surface. So they pad you from the laptop pouch.

Q: Will the side pockets for water bottles fit a Nalgene?

A: Both side pockets measure 6,4 in height and 5,1 in width. (stretches out to 7,5 inches) So it should fit the majority of the water bottles.

Q: Does the bag have a space for a hydration pack and hose?

A: The backpack does not have a designated spot for the hydration hose but depending on the length of the drinking tube I would suggest using it in the underneath compartment that the back pack has or the laptop compartment. The bag has two large side pockets to carry water bottles comfortably.

Q: Is it really waterproof?

A: The bag is water-resistant but not waterproof. If you are riding and it rains you are good to go, nothing will get wet. The backpack does include a waterproof backpack cover if you want more peace of mind. TIP: Always make sure your zippers are all the way to the side and covered with the flaps.

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