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Biking Reflective Gear Features

Spine Protector Pocket

We're riders ourselves, and we know how dangerous it can be out there on the open road. We wanted to protect ourselves and our community, which is why our high-visibility backpacks feature an underneath pocket that allows the riders to add a spine protector for additional safety. Our unusual design allows the rider to stay safe while also staying comfortable, thanks to the adjustable straps and breathable material.

100% Recyclable & by Riders for Riders

At Rider Bag USA, we care about providing safety to all who ride, which is why we promote the slogan "by riders for riders." Living by this slogan means that every product is carefully designed with riders in mind. Our backpacks and cross-body bag reflective provide not only comfort and convenience but also maximum safety for all riders.

And a big part of why we all do this is to explore the world we live in. So, all of our backpacks are 100% recyclable to protect our world and keep it rider-friendly.

Our Reflective Bag Collections

Our Reflective Bag collections provide a wide variety of sizes and styles for riders to choose from. Whether you're looking for a small bag to hold your essentials or a larger one to fit everything you need, our collections have something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for motorcycle reflective gear or reflective gear for bike riding, or anything in between or outside, reflective bags will keep any rider visible on the road or in the mountains.